Perfect Sunday!

We got up at 5:30 Sunday morning. It was 82 degrees (yes at 5:30 a.m.)! Fortunately there was cloud cover and a strong breeze. After 1/2 cup of black coffee (ugh, I prefer milk in my coffee but can’t handle it when I have a hot run ahead). We went and ran on the local golf course before the golfers were out. It’s the perfect place for Sheila-Roo to run off leash. After an hour’s run we decided to head off to the Farmers Market in Downtown Dallas. One mistake often made is to get out there and get sensory overloaded on all the fruits and veg so we came up with the idea to get just a few items and then go every Sunday after our run and get just a few items each time, mixing up the selection. That way nothing goes to waste and we aren’t trying to madly cook stuff just because it’s in the fridge and we get the benefit of a good variety. Yesterday’s picks were…

beautiful sweet strawberries…

vine ripened tomatoes…

…and “8 BALL” squash to stuff and bake. Posts on how each are prepared are to follow!

We rewarded ourselves with a breakfast of cold watermelon on the back porch.

Sheila-Roo had a great day! A big run at the golf course complete with  wade in a cool stream, a long ride in the car with all of the windows down, a walk around the Farmers Market. Then a rinse in the hose and a rest in the shade!


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