Believe it or not, I learned this recipe at the dog park from a friend named Suzie (Winnie and Bella’s Dog-Mom)! Take a small jar of pickled jalepenos…pour them into a slightly  (of course CLEAN) larger jar…

add 1 Cup of sugar…

…put them in the fridge for 1 week.  Try to stir or gently shake them a few times during the week. This will allow the sugar to break down and “candy” the jalepenos.

AWESOME! My friend, Suzie takes a jar to parties and then serves them on crackers with cream cheese… the saltiness of the cheese and the sweet of the candied jalepenos. YUM! Or you can do this recipe which is broil the candied jalepenos on regular nachos. You can chop them finely for a relish on tacos. You can pick up a can of sliced jalepenos and carrots from the Hispanic section in your local grocery and pour them, liquid and all into a glass container and add the sugar and you still get a wonderful condiment. Seriously, this would make a cheap and cheerful gift for male friends/family! They love them! My friend Lisa, (Candy’s Dog-Mom) from the dog park, sometimes pours off some liquid from the jar and adds the 1 Cup of Sugar and says it makes it more “jelly” like. This might be better if you were creating a relish by chopping everything in it once it jelled. Lisa also occasionally adds some red onion to the mix. Makes my mouth water!!!!!

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3 Comments on “MY NEW FAVORITE THING!”

  1. sounds just yummy!!! But you still love your Bugtussle Burn Sassy Texas Salsa, right! :) Jan

  2. IL says:

    I like the idea of putting on the cream cheese- sort of cools things down. I’m going to try it!

  3. Mary says:

    I bet Bryan would LOVE this!! Thanks!!

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