The Birthday/Valentine/Anniversary/ Holidays Gift~Part 1.

When you live in a yacht sized town-home, believe me…space is important. Every inch! However, I would not trade the home I live in for anything. I am small…it is compact…my husband, 65 lb. dog and I live in it fairly comfortably. After a certain period of time together you accumulate and have zero room for clothes, dishes, etc., so for a quite  a number of years, instead of spending crazy money on gifts for each other during an Anniversary, Holidays, Birthdays, Valentine’s Day , we set up a certain day and go out and find something fun and artistic to buy for the house (in other words, not a new washer/dryer, new refrigerator  … but something artistic… to put in or around our home. To inspire us inside the home.  Monday was such a day. It was cold, windy, partly cloudy here in Dallas. We set our to our favorite destination, The Big Mango Trading Company. Please check out their website and go visit!  FYI, this is a rather large article for my blog/website so it will be coming to you in parts. Anyway, here are some of the pieces we looked at!

A fabulous Brass Dragon Candelabra! I am soooo in love, however, the space this needs to fill is a rather large void and I am afraid this would get lost in it. It needs to be a taller piece or larger piece if you can imagine that. Stay tuned…more to follow ~_~.

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