OK. Call me crazy…

A long time ago, in a far away land….no, really, a long time ago there was a black and white TV show called Honey West starring Anne Francis.

As a kid I saw the reruns and always thought I wanted to be JUST LIKE HONEY WEST right down to the pet ocelot.

Recently I came across this item on EBAY that I just had to have! CRAZY! It’s this vintage (60’s or  70’s) cheetah, leopard life like statue toy thingy. I wonder if it was used a a prop for a store window or photo shoot or production of some kind. The fur is real mink and it is in great condition. Now…where am I going to put this? My husband will think I am nuts! I may have to hide it in my armoire just so I can look at it every once in a while.

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2 Comments on “OK. Call me crazy…”

  1. Iris Leonard says:

    I LOVE Occie. He/she is beautiful! I could hide her/him for you. :-)

  2. maryannmarx says:

    I love him/her!!!! I will cat-sit next time you go out of town.

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