Sorrel Weed House Scare.

Recently my Mom, Dad and sister (Mary) went to Savannah, Georgia. Mom and Mary decided to take a ghost tour one night and were taken to the Sorrel Weed House. Neither of them brought cameras but took their IPhones with them on the tour. The Sorrel Weed house is a famous house both historically and for it being haunted.

In 1861 it was the residence of Mr. & Mrs. Sorrel, during that year, Mrs. Sorrel discovered that her husband had been having an affair with a house maid and in her despair jumped off of a second story porch to her death. Two weeks later the maid was found hanging from the rafters of the carriage house where she lived. No one was ever sure if she had hung herself or was killed by Mr. Sorrel.

During the tour, my mom, sis and about twenty other people were gathered between the main house and the carriage house listening to the story. During this time my mom took this snap with her IPhone up in the air between the main house and the carriage house. She didn’t really notice anything in the picture until she got home. Now tell me…what do you see?????

I see a dark hanging figure. You can see the hem of a dress near the bottom of the photo and a pair of feet. Scary!

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